Life quotes

This week seniors had to pick quotes that represent there high school experience and define there direction toward the futures. It got me thinking what am I going to say? There are so many good and useful life quotes and messages but which one defines me? I came across this quote and found it not only to be knowledgable but also inspirational. The quote said by Jeffery Campbell goes as such ” we must let go of the life that is planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.” This quote speaks volumes to me because all of us spread our whole lives trying to plan out every minor detail for the future, and then when it actually gets there we are devastated if the life we have is not how we imagined it to be. I believe that sometimes we don’t always get exactly what we wished for but in the end we end up with the life that is right for us. I think this quote could be relatable to anyone in high school. All the things that occur and turn out the way they are ultimately, are for the best. I think this quote will help me get through the college acceptance process. Knowing that everything in life has to be altered into what is destined for us, gives me confidence and hope that whatever college I get into is going to be the right fit for me regardless If I planned it or not.


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